Roxy Deville Has Sexy Feet
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Roxy Deville Has Sexy Feet

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Meet Roxy DeVille

Okay, I'm gonna play favorites here. Various fans have been wanting me to shoot Roxy for a while because of her high arches. It took me long time to get around to her. Now that I have... well, I'm sold on this girl. She's drop dead charming, has smoldering brown eyes, perfectly symmetrical dimples (a doc told her so), long legs, meaty ass, child-bearing hips. Everything you'd expect in a hearty, 5'7" Italian girl from Chicago. And oh yes, those arches. Magnificent. Breathtaking. Too good to be true. Yes, I'm sold. You're going to be seeing more of Roxy here in the future. I have her booked for a girl/girl scene in a few weeks. She might end up being a regular around here!

Roxy DeVille Pantyhose

Wouldn't you know it, as bubbly and vivacious as she is in real life, Roxy says she gets shy when she has to talk to the camera by herself. I helped her out by laying out a scenario for her that is definitely within the realm of possibilities. A stranger pays her $10,000 to model pantyhose for him. Nothing else. (She's no whore after all!) It's an offer she can't pass up, even though she's laughing all the way to the bank. That is, she degrades and humiliates the poor sap while she shows off her feet and statuesque legs. You stockings & pantyhose fans are gonna love all the sounds Roxy makes rubbing her feet and legs together. It's practically in THX surround sound. If any of you actually want to pay her $10,000 for similar treatment, post in the Foot Forum and I'll help hook it up!

Roxy DeVille Soles on Glass

Something new on the glass table. Roxy crushes some saltine crackers beneath those powerful soles of hers. The way the crumbs cling to her soft feet, you'll be begging to lick them clean. I know I was! The only thing wrong with this movie is that I didn't notice that some of the crumbs had fallen onto my lens. You'll see them in the pantyhose movie next week.

Roxy DeVille Feet in Motion

Roxy, oh Roxy. Such a foot ham. Or maybe it's just that she's been an object of foot worship for so long now that she's very in tune with what foot men want to see. Regardless of the reason, she walks the treadmill like no other girl ever has. Whether it's in her current favorite pair of shoes or barefoot and showing off those steep arches, I guarantee you're going to bust a nut watching this movie. That mischievious look on her face doesn't help. She knows what us foot freaks love, and she's only too happy to give it to us.

Roxy DeVille Hardcore

Well, if you're a member, you're certainly in for an unusual treat with this movie. I don't want to give anything away here. But Roxy begged Jack to do something to her that is probably illegal in many countries. No, no, no. Sorry. I can't say any more. You're going to have to watch to see how Roxy s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s her talents in this film. In other headlines, keep an eye out for Roxy's second orgasm. Her feet are right in front of the camera when she cums. You know how a lot of women's toes curl when they orgsm? Not Roxy's! Her toes spread. And I mean they spread wide! Her toes look like a claw scraping the air as she screams in ecstasy. Have I mentioned how much I love this girl? And as I said before, don't despair, this isn't the last movie you'll be seeing her in. She'll be tearing up some pussy very soon.

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